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UK Medical Cannabis: A Guide to Legal Access

In the United Kingdom, medical cannabis, known as medicinal marijuana, is becoming a key treatment for various health issues. The UK is moving forward with the use of cannabinoid medicine. In 2018, the government allowed medical cannabis prescriptions from registered private doctors. This decision made it possible for patients to legally access medical cannabis from through the NHS or from registered private doctors. This was a big step towards improving patient care.

Getting to this point in the UK regarding medical cannabis wasn't easy. The UK has been changing the laws concerning legal cannabis and medical cannabis laws. While using cannabis for fun is still not allowed, the UK is looking into the use of medical marijuana clinic prescriptions. This has led to a lot of talking and studying about the topic.

Key Takeaways
  • Medical cannabis is legal in the UK with a valid prescription from a specialist doctor.
  • Certain cannabis-based products have been approved for medicinal use to treat specific conditions.
  • The UK has a regulated framework for the prescription and supply of medical cannabis.
  • Patients must meet eligibility criteria and go through a thorough evaluation process to access medical cannabis.
  • The evidence base for the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis is still evolving, but it shows promise for a range of health conditions.

What is Medical Cannabis?

Medical cannabis is cannabis used for treating medical conditions. In the UK, it's available when other treatments haven't worked. Prescriptions come from a licensed pharmacy. The most common forms are oils, flowers, and now 'gummies' for easier use. For the cannabis flower, a Dry Herb Vaporiser is used with doses around 0.2g or more.

Understanding the Composition and Components

Doctors choose medical cannabis strains for their terpenes and THC/CBD levels.


creates the feeling of being 'high', while CBD doesn't cause a 'high'. Finding the right balance is key, as it affects the treatment’s success and side effects.

Types of Medical Cannabis Products

In the UK, medical cannabis comes mainly as oils and flowers. These products offer different ratios of THC and CBD. Patients typically take oils under the tongue. Now, 'gummies' and 'pastilles' are available as well. The dried flower form is also used, usually in a Dry Herb Vaporiser, with doses at 0.2g or above.

Medical Cannabis Legislation in the UK

The road to legalising medical cannabis in the UK has been big. There have been many steps that helped patients get it and doctors prescribe it. In November 2018, a major change happened. It allowed specialist doctors to give medical cannabis to patients. They could do this if they believed the patients would benefit, seeing the good results in clinical research. This move showed that medical cannabis can really help with things like managing chronic pain and easing symptoms in some brain conditions.

Key Milestones in the Legalisation Process

Getting medical cannabis legal in the UK was not quick. There were big moments that made it possible. The year 2018 was a big deal. That's when doctors could start prescribing medical cannabis to their patients. It led to setting up rules to make sure the quality, safety, and effect of these medicines are good.

Regulatory Framework and Guidelines

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is key in making sure the UK's medical cannabis industry runs well. They check that medical cannabis meets high standards and is safe to use. At the same time, the NHS has set rules for doctors who want to prescribe medical cannabis. These guidelines focus on what's best for the patients and what science says.

Medical cannabis became legal in the UK in 2024, but there are rules to follow. It's only for cannabis medicines that are proven to work well and are safe. Using cannabis just for fun is still against the law. To get medical cannabis, a patient will need a prescription from a doctor who specialises in their condition. This comes after the doctor has looked at other treatment options.

Accessing medical cannabis uk

To get medical cannabis in the UK, patients need to meet certain rules and go through a prescription path. The National Health Service (NHS) guides doctors on how to prescribe medicines with cannabinoids. This guidance focuses on the patient's health, solid proof on what works best, and making decisions with patients.

Eligibility Criteria and Approved Conditions

If a patient wants medical cannabis in the UK, they must have conditions like Dravet syndrome, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, multiple sclerosis, or nausea from chemotherapy. They also need to have tried two other treatments. Then, their GP can send them to a specialist. This expert will check if medical cannabis is a good choice.

The Prescription Process for Medical Cannabis

Doctors who can prescribe medical cannabis are on the 'Specialist Register' of the General Medical Council. They have special training to understand and suggest medical cannabis. But a group of medical experts must first agree that this is the right step for the patient. Then, the specialist can go ahead and prescribe the treatment.

Benefits and Potential Applications

Medical cannabis is showing great promise in helping with many health issues in the UK. Studies are looking into how it can help with things like pain, nausea, epilepsy, and mental health problems. There is a lot of ongoing research on the advantages of medical cannabis.

Therapeutic Benefits Supported by Evidence

The UK's National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has shared its thoughts on medical cannabis. They say it might be good for treating chronic pain and spasticity, amongst other things. This info comes from strong studies. Still, we need more research to be sure about how helpful and safe medical cannabis is.

Conditions Treated with Medical Cannabis

The NHS doesn't widely prescribe medical cannabis yet. But, private healthcare services can use it for a wider set of problems. This includes diseases like Alzheimer's, and issues like not being able to eat. The list also covers cancer, epilepsy, and many others. It's clear that medical cannabis could be a big help for various medical conditions in the UK.

medical cannabis benefits uk

Concerns and Considerations

Medical cannabis has exciting benefits, but it's key to know its possible side effects. It can cause drowsiness, dizziness, dry mouth, and change your appetite. Not everyone feels these effects, and they're usually mild. You can manage them by tweaking your dose, changing how you vape, or trying different strains.

Potential Side Effects and Safety Measures

Knowing the potential side effects of medical cannabis is crucial. Working closely with your doctor is important to manage them well. It's vital to see how you personally react to medical cannabis and adjust its use. Always follow safety advice from professionals for its proper and safe use.

Legal Implications and Restrictions

Medical cannabis has legal use in the UK, but recreational cannabis is still illegal. You could face legal trouble for non-medicinal use. It's very important to stick to the legal guidelines around its use to avoid problems.

Driving after using medical cannabis is illegal.


in your system can make you a danger on the road. Patients should know the effects and never drive when they feel impaired. This is like how you would act with any medication that could affect how you think.


The UK has started allowing medical cannabis, offering hope to patients with severe conditions. But, getting it is not easy. There are strict rules to follow.

Although medical cannabis shows promise for many illnesses, we still need more proof. This will help us fully know its benefits and potential harms.

Learning about the laws and medical facts on medical cannabis is key for both patients and doctors. By doing this, they can use it safely. It's exciting that more people might get medical cannabis in the future. This could bring relief to many.

Improving the way medical cannabis is used in the UK is a work in progress. People from various sectors are coming together. They are trying to make sure those who need it, get it. By choosing what's best based on research, the UK's medical cannabis future looks bright. It aims to help many live better lives.


What is medical cannabis?

Medical cannabis is cannabis used to treat medical issues. In the UK, it's only given for specific conditions that other medicines didn't help. This form of cannabis comes as oils or flowers. You can get it only from a licensed pharmacy.

What are the key components of medical cannabis?

Doctors choose medical cannabis types based on their smell and two main chemicals. These are THC, which makes you feel 'high', and CBD, which doesn't make you high but helps with THC's effects.

When was medical cannabis legalised in the UK?

Medical cannabis became legal in the UK in November 2018. Before, it was hard to get. But after this change, doctors could prescribe it if they thought it could help based on strong evidence.

What are the eligibility criteria for accessing medical cannabis in the UK?

In the UK, you can get medical cannabis if you have certain conditions. These include seizures, multiple sclerosis, and bad nausea from chemo. You need to have tried other treatments first and then be referred to a special doctor.

What are the potential therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis?

Medical cannabis might help with many conditions. Research in the UK and worldwide is looking into its benefits. Some common uses are for pain, nausea, spasticity, severe epilepsy, anxiety, and certain attention disorders.

What are the potential side effects of medical cannabis?

Side effects can be feeling sleepy, dizzy, having a dry mouth, or a change in hunger. But not everyone gets these and they're usually not serious. You can lessen these effects by changing how you use it or trying different types.

Is it legal to drive while using medical cannabis?

It's against the law to drive after using medical cannabis. THC in your system can make you unfit to drive. Be aware of these effects and avoid driving if you feel under its influence.

Is recreational cannabis still illegal in the UK?

Yes, using cannabis for fun is still against the law in the UK. There are penalties for having or using it, unless it's for medical reasons. The rules against using cannabis for fun are strictly enforced.

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