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Staying updated with the newest cannabis news is key for fans of the fast-changing world of cannabis. This article gives you tips and tools to stay in the loop with the latest legal updates, medical breakthroughs, industry trends, and cultural shifts by visiting the website

Key Takeaways
  • Subscribing to reliable cannabis news sources is crucial for staying ahead.
  • Checking out government websites and cannabis advocacy groups offers insights into the newest policy developments.
  • Keeping up with fresh cannabis research and going to industry conferences helps you grasp the changing medical and scientific landscape.
  • Watching cannabis industry trends and market data gives valuable insights into the commercial landscape.
  • Getting involved with the wider cannabis community is an excellent way to stay updated and connected.

Subscribing to Cannabis News Sources

To stay in the know about cannabis news, subscribing to top-notch websites is key. Trusted sources like Leafly, Marijuana Moment, and Cannabis Business Times cover the industry in-depth. They share the latest about laws, health studies, business changes, and trends.

Following Reputable Cannabis Websites

If you want to keep up with cannabis news, check out reliable websites often. These sites dive deep into topics such as policy updates and medical research. By making them a regular visit, you'll always be aware of what's happening in the cannabis world.

Signing Up for Cannabis Newsletters

Signing up for newsletters is another smart move. Many leading cannabis groups and media outlets send out emails with fresh content and insights. The Marijuana Moment newsletter, Leafly Weekly Dose, and the Cannabis Business Executive newsletter are some good options. They keep you updated with important news and events in the cannabis community.

Checking Cannabis Podcasts and Vlogs

Don't forget about podcasts and vlogs for another way to learn. They often have industry insiders and experts talking about various topics. Notable options include The Cannabis Conversation and The Ganjapreneur Podcast. Listening and watching are great for getting insights and staying up to date with industry trends.

Tracking Cannabis Policy and Legislation

Keeping up with government websites and official statements is vital to know what's happening in the world of cannabis law. The UK Home Office and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) post about changes in regulations and how they'll enforce the law.

Monitoring Government Websites and Announcements

Watching the websites and social media of these groups helps you see how cannabis laws are changing. You'll learn about new rules, updates, and any news that affects cannabis, whether for medical or recreational use.

Following Cannabis Advocacy Groups

Don't forget to follow cannabis advocacy groups for more insights into the laws and rules. Groups like the United Patients Alliance and the Cannabis Trade Association are key. They work on policies, laws, and regulations affecting the industry.

Some top groups in the UK are the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis, the Cannabis Industry Council, and the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Drug Policy Reform. They talk to officials and the public to push for laws that support cannabis. They also help drive research and progress in the cannabis world.

Staying Updated on Cannabis Research

It's important to keep up with new cannabis research to understand the changing scientific world. You can learn a lot by reading special medical and science journals. These share the newest discoveries about how cannabis could help, its possible dangers, and efforts to find new treatments.

Reading Medical and Scientific Journals

Journals like the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and the British Medical Journal (BMJ) are key in cannabis research. The Journal of Cannabis Research is also a top source. They dive deep into studies about cannabis's effects on health, new medications, and risks.

Attending Cannabis Conferences and Events

Going to events focused on cannabis is a smart way to keep current. They offer chances to hear experts speak, join discussions, and network. In the UK, events like the Cannabis Europa conference and the Cannabis Trades Association's meet-up are popular. They're great for learning and meeting important people in the field.

cannabis news

Cannabis news is always changing, with stories coming out all the time. By keeping up, you learn about the law, medicine, and culture around cannabis. Whether it's new laws, health studies, or trends in the business, knowing the latest is key for anyone in this fast-moving area.

The cannabis world is growing fast, with more studies, new rules, and what people like changing. Following the latest news helps you be on top and handle the good and tough parts of this lively market.

It's vital to know what's happening in the cannabis industry today. Everything from laws getting updated to new products and treatments means the news is always fresh. Watching the news gives you the info you need to stay smart and do well in this changing world.

Exploring Cannabis Industry Trends

Keeping up with the latest in the cannabis business world is key. Websites including Cannabis Business Times and Marijuana Business Daily provide the most recent updates. They cover growing, making, selling, and investing in cannabis. This gives insight into how the industry is growing and changing.

Following Cannabis Business News

Websites like Cannabis Business Times and Bloomberg Cannabis give detailed news about the industry. They share the newest trends in growing, making, selling, and investing in cannabis. This keeps readers up to date on the market's progress.

Analysing Market Reports and Data

Reading industry reports is also important. Groups like Prohibition Partners and BDS Analytics offer big reports on the cannabis market. They talk about its size, who buys it, and where it's growing. This helps people understand the market better.

Engaging with the Cannabis Community

Connecting with the cannabis community online is a great way to learn about the newest news and trends. Joining forums, social media groups, and industry communities lets you meet others who love cannabis like you. These places are filled with information, insights, and chances to learn from each other.

Joining Cannabis Forums and Social Media Groups

Forums, Facebook groups, Reddit, and LinkedIn can be treasure troves of knowledge. By taking part in these conversations, you keep up with what's happening, from laws to new ideas. Plus, you get different views from people who love cannabis.

Attending Local Cannabis Events and Meetups

Being at local cannabis events is a great way to network and hear about the latest. They often have talks and chances to meet experts and fans alike. For example, in the UK, you have the London Cannabis Club and similar groups.

cannabis events

Taking part in both online and face-to-face cannabis communities keeps you up to date. You learn from others and add to the talks about this exciting industry.

Utilising Cannabis News Aggregators

Cannabis news aggregators and RSS feeds help you keep up with the industry. They pull articles, stories, and updates from many websites into one place. This way, you can easily find the latest, most important news. Leafly's news feed, the Marijuana Moment newsletter, and the Cannabis Business Executive's news reader are some top picks for this.

Using RSS Feeds and News Readers

RSS feeds let you follow your favourite cannabis news sites. You get their latest news right in your news reader or inbox. This is a great way to keep informed without the hassle of checking several websites. Use Feedly, Inoreader, or Flipboard to organise your news feeds. These tools bring all your subscriptions together, saving you time.

Exploring Cannabis News Apps and Websites

Besides aggregators, you can also use cannabis news apps and websites. They offer a compiled list of current cannabis news, insights, and stories. This makes it simple to keep abreast of industry changes. Check out the Leafly app, Marijuana Moment site, and Cannabis Business Times site for news.


It's key to keep up with cannabis news updates, especially if you're interested in the field. You can do this by reading from trusted sources, keeping an eye on policy changes, and following new studies. Also, staying connected with marijuana industry news and what’s trending will give you a wider view. It's all about engaging with the community and using the right tools.

Knowing about the latest in the pot industry can help you make better choices. This applies whether you love cannabis, work in healthcare, or have a business related to it. Staying in the loop on news and trends is critical for seizing new chances and tackling the sector’s changes.

By diving into the many info sources out there, you can be seen as someone who knows their stuff in the growing world of cannabis. This puts you in a great spot to benefit from its progress and change. So, keep learning, stay involved, and know the latest with cannabis news and updates.


How can I stay informed about the latest cannabis news?

To keep up with the latest in cannabis news, join reputable websites and sign up for their newsletters. Check out podcasts and vlogs too. You should also look at government websites and follow advocacy groups. Stay on top of research and industry trends. Engaging with the cannabis community and using news apps can also help.

What are some of the best websites for staying up-to-date on cannabis news?

For reliable news, check out sites like Leafly, Marijuana Moment, and Cannabis Business Times. They cover everything from legislation to cultural changes.

How can I stay informed about cannabis policy and legislation changes?

Keep an eye on government sites like the UK Home Office. Following advocacy groups such as the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis is also a good idea. They'll keep you up-to-date on policy debates and changes.

Where can I find the latest cannabis-related research and scientific studies?

Read medical journals like JAMA and BMJ. They often publish new research on cannabis. The Journal of Cannabis Research is another good source. These will update you on the latest in cannabis science.

What are some of the major cannabis conferences and events in the UK?

In the UK, there's the Cannabis Europa and the Cannabis Trades Association conferences. Also, look out for the Westminster Forum on Cannabis Policy. These events have experts and policymakers discussing key topics.

How can I stay informed about cannabis business trends and industry developments?

To stay on top of the business world, check sites like Cannabis Business Times and Marijuana Business Daily. Following reports from groups like Prohibition Partners is also helpful. They provide updates on various aspects of the industry.

What are some ways to engage with the broader cannabis community?

Join online forums and social media groups. You can find them on Facebook, Reddit, and LinkedIn. Also, attend local events and meetups. These are great for networking and meeting others interested in cannabis.

What are some cannabis news aggregators and apps that can help me stay informed?

For news, use aggregators like Leafly and the Marijuana Moment newsletter. Sites and apps like the Leafly app and the Cannabis Business Times website are handy too. They bring you top stories quickly.

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